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Life is full of journeys and blogging gives Jamie Wood the unique opportunity to tell her stories every single day. We encourage you to get inspired. Explore Jamie’s blog and teen page below:

Backside of the Wind
Gypsy wanderings from behind the orange curtain.



Teen Page
A page dedicated to young wiccans, spells, and witchcraft.


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Jamie Martinez-Wood’s Magic Adventure | Mary Castillo

Books, Libros/ Rogelia’s House of Magic | Aurora Anaya-Cerda

Catalina - Summer Reads | Carida Pineda

Reuben Martinez of the Relocated Librería Martinez Offers His Top 10 Summer Reads | Ted B. Kissell

3 Wiccan Herbal Remedies to Try This Halloween | Leah Zombie

Latino Writers and Journalists’ Book Unites Literary Gems | LatinaVoz.com

Wicca Cookbook Offers the Basics, with a Twist | Nancy Redwine

Interview with Jaime Martinez Wood, Author of Rogelia’s House of Magic | Blog Critics Magazine

Hispanic Outlook – Women/Profiles Finding Magic in Life | Sylvia Mendoza

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Feel free to contact Jamie Wood by e-mail at jamie@jamiewood.com or follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

Jamie Martinez Wood

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